About Me

Hello, I’m Waleed Javed. I live and breath ECi M1. I have been customizing M1 for more than 5 years now and love to make my clients’ jobs easier, stress-free and help them streamline their operations.

It all started with a full implementation of M1 at a client site in Rhode Island 5 years ago. Since then, I have helped my clients by training them on M1, transferring data from their old ERPs to M1, and customizing the heck out of it!

Clients are always happy with low cost, fast delivery, fast support and high skills that I provide with M1. Since I only work on M1, and put my heart and soul into my work, no one can match my quick turnaround time on projects!

My background is in Industrial & Systems Engineering so I’m very passionate about making manufacturing operations more efficient. I truly believe in the power of the ERP systems and consider them a wise and fruitful investment. An ERP system is as good as you bend it to cater to your needs.

Please feel free to browse through some examples of the projects I have done for other clients and also read some testimonials. If you are wondering about customization, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.