Waleed was able to train employees and drive the implementation forward faster than the software support team. He continues to develop skills in the package and has been customizing both reports and data input to tailor the system to our particular needs. He is quick to recognize opportunities where customization will give us cleaner or more efficient access to our data and to implement the improvements professionally with a very competitive rate and a courteous sense for our bottom line. We enjoy working with him and I would recommend him for any M1 implementation or customization.

- Pete Evans, President at Evans Findings Inc.



“I highly recommend be your go to man...based in Rhodes Island U.S and has helped & still helping us on customizing M1. His cost is very reasonable and has an extensive and impressive knowledge in programming M1...finding someone knows M1 language outside ECI is rather difficult, let alone knowing the complexity of the information flow in M1. I believe Waleed has already help many satisfied customers in the past. In fact, in a way thanks to people like Waleed that actually helped M1 saving lots of their customers who might've given up on M1.”

William Ho, Operations Manager at AUSPAC STEEL PTY LTD.



Hughes Circuits 

“Waleed was brought in for a project that was a series of customization efforts… Waleed is a skilled programmer/analyst with a professional attitude and excellent problem solving abilities. He is a pleasure to work with and takes his project responsibilities seriously, making him a reliable resource and a valuable asset… I highly recommend Waleed.”

- Denise Orabutt, Director of Business Intelligence at Hughes Circuits Inc.