Custom Material Issue

A custom Material Issue entry with the following features:

  • Since it is a custom form, operators can use it using a View-Only user, without occupying any licenses, just like using the standard Shop Floor Entry (SFE).
  • Unlike the operator having to select his name, and then the job, from potentially a long list in the SFE, the operator uses a barcode scanner to scan his employee code from his card. Then scans the Job ID from the Job Traveler, and then scans the Lot Number from a material tag. The only entry by hand is the quantity that was produced.
  • The form automatically checks to see if enough raw material is present at the workstations for this job. If not, it does not allow the Material Issue.
  • The good and scrap raw material quantities are calculated automatically based on the Qty Per Assembly value in Job Materials.
  • A custom Lot Numbering system is employed as shown above with the fields “MFG No.” and “Bucket No”. This is to track the parts throughout the system, from Production to Shipping to performing Inspections, but allowing the user to bypass it under certain circumstances. Most importantly, it allows users to Adjust Inv. Qty without specifying how much quantity is in each lot, as per the client’s demands.