Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions by my previous clients. If you have any other queries, please contact me.


Q. How much experience do you have with ECi M1?

I have been working on ECi M1 for over three years now. This is the only software I devote all my time to and have worked with several clients over these years.

Q. What can you customize? Can you customize ttx reports?

I can customize anything and everything in M1 that is customizable, including M1 entry forms, Shop Floor Entry screens, grids, and standard wizards in M1 (to the extent possible). I can customize existing reports and make new reports, whether standard or ttx.

Q. Do you quote for a project and work per project or work flexibly per hour?

I work both ways, depending on what satisfies the client's needs. Some clients have a clear idea of their requirements and want me to provide a quote for the project beforehand.

Others do not have a clear idea of their requirements and would rather have me observe their system, discuss their old system and their goals with M1, make suggestions and then implement them. For such clients, I work by the hour to provide them with the flexibility they desire.

Q. What is your current lead time?

Project completion depends on how small or large the project is. But I’m able to start working on any project you may have for me right away. My fast support will impress you and my delivery is simply incomparable! 

Q. Could we buy any of the projects listed on your website?

Yes, if you like any projects, just contact me and I’ll see how I could send you the project. Some projects need to be worked on further to cater to a company’s needs but others could be implemented “out-of-the-box”.