The following are some examples of the projects that I have completed for my clients. If you have a project idea in mind and are wondering if it could be implemented or not, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Custom Part Entry

A custom version of Part Entry that shows all Revisions, Bins  and Qty On Hand for a Part on one screen, removing the need to navigate to the standard Part Revision entry. 

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Standard M1 Purchase Order Entry does not allow users to add deliveries to PO lines. In case of Blanket POs, users are forced to create multiple PO lines for the same material. 

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Blanket Purchase Orders


A custom Material Issue entry comes with a special feature called Shop Floor Entry (SFE). The form automatically checks to see if enough raw material is present at the workstations for this job. If not, it does not allow the Material Issue.

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Custom Material Issue


A Custom Timecard Wizard enables the users to scan their employee code from a card using a barcode scanner, and that triggers the form to load only the jobs that they are allowed and scheduled to work on within three weeks of the date entered.

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Custom Timecard Wizard


In this case, the client wanted only operators from certain departments to be able to work on certain operations, we added a custom grid to Job Operation entry where the Production Manager could add any employee he wanted to allow access. 

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Assigning Job Operations to Employees


The existing, standard Manufacturing Requirements grid was modified to fit the client’s needs.

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Manufacturing Requirements


This is a custom report designed for a Production Manager to make his job easier and get rid of manual record keeping. 

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Supervisor Report


A simple worksheet where the client wanted to be able to view Receivables, Payables, posted or unposted, and the Net, all on one page.

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Finance Worksheet


My custom version lets the user choose another Fiscal Year and Period for comparison, providing a great deal of flexibility.

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Custom Income Statement



This customization lets a user assign revisions to Org Part ID in Part Org References.

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Revisions for Part Org references