Supervisor Report


This is a custom report designed for a Production Manager to make his job easier and get rid of manual record keeping. Here, by entering Start and End dates in the parameters, the user is able to see how many parts were produced per department, per employee, over a given period of time. The reports draws data from Part Transactions (customized Material Issues).

On the top, the first chart shows total number of parts produced by all departments, dividing them per day and night shifts. The second chart displays how much scrap was produced (shown in Red) by each department, letting the Manager know in advance if production would fall behind schedule in a particular department.

The user can also filter the report by Home Department ID. The rest of the report shows the parts that were made at various work centers in various departments. The user can suppress the details to just look at the totals, as in the first figure. The second figure displays the details about the operator, the quantity produced, the time of transaction and etc.